"We build too many walls but not enough bridges."  -Isaac Newton

Powers McNalis Teebagy Luongo can prepare litigation budgets and provide you with periodic updates on actual expenses versus the budget. Our commitment to balancing cost and result has prompted the firm to adopt the most modern case management techniques. We use computerized litigation support systems in matters involving a multitude of documents, witnesses, exhibits, witness statements, depositions, and transcripts of testimony.

We offer a variety of fee plans to meet our clients’ needs including flat fee file handling, task billing, and contingency agreements. We offer graduated fee scales for various legal service providers in the firm, or a flat rate for all services. We will provide bids on specific legal projects, and will work to meet your needs in a fee agreement, whatever they might be.

At Powers McNalis Teebagy Luongo, we don’t believe that every litigation case should be handled in the same way that the last 100 cases were handled. Each case deserves individual consideration — both of the best litigation strategy to follow to get the best result, and of what is in the client's best interest.