Coordinating and handling catastrophe claims and advising clients on claims handling procedures and coverage issues. Our experience in representing numerous carriers after Hurricane Andrew in South Florida has given us a wealth of information, experience, and savvy in dealing with and handling catastrophe claims, and uniquely qualifies us to advise insurance carriers on catastrophe claims issues. The matters we were involved in included:

  • Coverage questions, business interruption and additional living expense claims, unfair claims handling practices, dealings with the Department of Insurance, mediation mandated by the Department of Insurance, appraisals, subrogation for improper construction, pre and post hurricane cancellations of policies, estoppel due to prior payments, waiver of claims and defenses, foreclosures and their effects on coverage for the insured and the mortgagee, condominium claims and the application of Florida’s often changing condominium law, agent errors and omissions claims, unlicensed adjusters and public adjusters.
  • Handling hundreds of fraud investigations of questionable claims including examinations under oath and opinions on coverage. We also worked closely with the Department of Insurance Division of Insurance Fraud on prosecutions of insureds.
  • Securing repayment agreements in matters where the insurer had overpaid claims or where the insured had been too “creative” in his or her claim submission. Many of the repayment agreements were in excess of $100,000.
  • Investigating and handling many “supplemental” claims allegedly resulting from hurricane damage. Many of these claims include fraud investigations and appraisals. Many others involve “assignments” of policy proceeds and claims by insureds to subsequent purchasers of the insured property.
  • Immediately after the hurricane we published a special edition of our newsletter Briefly Speaking which provided an analysis of the issues of law our clients were likely to encounter in their hurricane claims. We also provided an attorney on call outside of regular business hours to answers adjusters questions on coverage issues.